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Did you hear that the WOW Girlz started a blog? Well we have and are so excited! What do we talk about first? Makeup, Hair, Skin, or lifes little everyday challenges and triumphs?

We will get to it all.....eventually. But first let us say hello and thank you for taking a minute out of your busy life to stop by.

So the Holidays are almost here. I am always asked advice on the famous "Smokey Eye".

Ladies, smokey is a technique more than a color. We are so trained to think smokey is black and silver, which the average non-supermodel can not pull off correctly without looking like a racoon.( Those looks should be left in the 80's.) But we can use browns...think Kardashian, or my personal favorite the plums and purples! Believe it or not Purple looks good on every skintone, and eye color. So for the first tip...Always work with 3-4 shades for a proper blending technique. Lid #1 crease #2 Transition color(above crease)#3 and brow bone#4


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