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A New WOW in 2014

2014 is starting off right for The WOW Girlz, with the opening of a new location, the addition of some wonderful teammates, and a growing client base. Don't worry they haven't moved too far, in fact just down to the first floor of the same building! Now, the gorgeous salon is visible as soon as you walk through the front doors, no more fussing with the elevators! The space itself is much larger with a shampoo room, a color room, an office, seating area and very own bathroom. With a team effort, they have really transformed this new space into an even better WOW!

That is the same thing they can do for you! Come in and see all of the hard work that has gone into creating this fabulous salon and let the girlz work their magic on you! After all it is A New Year, A New WOW, and A New YOU!!!

#newsalon #salon #hair #makeup #wedding

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