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Bridal FAQ Page

Why should I choose The BEAUTY COLLECTIVE CO.?

     We know how important this day is in your life.  We truly love doing weddings, and know this day will be a part of your family  history for generations to come.  That being said, we are all very well trained and educated artists who take your wedding day very seriously, but have fun while doing it! We want to help make this the best day of your life!

Do I need to do a Preview?

      Of course it is your choice, but we definitely  recommend a preview of hair and makeup.  Sometimes brides imagine looking a certain way, but once they see the look on, they may change their mind. It allows you and the artist to find the perfect look for you, your dress and theme of wedding.

Can you handle a large Bridal party?

     Absolutely!  We have a team of artists ready that allow us to handle ANY size party.

Do you offer packages or discounts?

     We do offer a price break for the bridal parties of 4 or more.  Unfortunately we do not offer packages due to too many substitutions.

We offer everything A la carte to make it easy for everyone to get the services they want.

Will you travel to us?

     That is our specialty!  We are fully mobile, and travel wherever needed.  Extra travel fees may be required depending on distance.

Why is another artist charging less?

     The BEAUTY COLLECTIVE has many years of experience and education.  An artist will not work with us unless they have gone through training and had their work and  professionalism  approved by the owner. ​We show up on time, with everything needed to have  your day run smoothly. We use professional products and keep everything sanitary. We are a business not a hobby:)


How do I reserve my wedding date?

     We receive many inquires all year long.  We do require a 50% deposit on all services scheduled to reserve your date.  Once you have done that, the day is yours and we will not book anyone else on that day.

Can I add extra services the day of my wedding?

     Absolutely, time permitting.  We really try and keep to a schedule for your timeline, so the sooner we know about extra services the better we can prepare.

Should we tip our artists?

     Standard Service Gratuity of 20% is recommended, but it is completely up to you.


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